A word from the wise:

“I have a duty to speak the truth as I see it and to share not just my triumphs, not just the things that felt good, but the pain, the intense, often unmitigating pain.”

-Audre Lorde

1. Find a place where you feel well and safe

Finding a place where you feel well and safe is vital for your overall well-being and ability to deep dive into your emotions. Whether it's a cozy nook in your home where no one can hear you, a tranquil park, or your car on the way to work, identifying a location that brings you privacy, comfort and peace is key. Establishing this personal sanctuary allows you to unwind and fully embrace the experiences and emotions that come your way, fostering a sense of security and relaxation.

2. Press play to let us guide you

Our guided journaling extends an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and exploration. By initiating the app, you open yourself up to a curated experience that offers valuable direction and exploration. Guided journaling to feel more grounded, confident and at peace are just a few examples of the resources that can provide you with mental wellbeing. By allowing us to help you explore your feelings, you can gain new perspectives, delve into a world of ideas, and embrace a range of emotions for personal growth and enrichment.

3. Press record in the app to talk through your emotions

By pressing record in the app to convey your unfiltered emotion in the moment, you seize the opportunity to express your genuine emotions without reservation or self-censorship. It’s a personal time capsule that allows you to explore your emotional state and work though any challenges. This allows you to work through difficult emotions, gain clarity, and deepen your self-understanding. Embrace vulnerability and authenticity as you acknowledge the validity and significance of your emotions.

Let us guide you through your emotions.