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Over 88% of those who need mental health support belong to underrepresented communities, and mental health challenges are 70% more prevalent in women. Yet, mainstream products and services don’t cater to our needs. That’s not how it should be! That’s why we’re creating digital therapeutic for us, so that we can celebrate life and rise together. Our mission is to create a mental health system that recognizes that not everyone experiences life the same way, and is inclusive of those differences.

We value


Prior to 1993, women were not included in clinical studies where women from diverse backgrounds continue to be underrepresented. As a result, a lot of healthcare products and services are not designed to cater to our needs. Our mission is to ensure that women from all walks of life are represented in healthcare products .

Women centered

Our goal is for the women we serve to embrace their unique past and become the heroines of their own stories. We want them to feel empowered to manage any condition that comes their way. We believe that it's time for people who have historically been invisible and overlooked to take center stage. We want to make that happen.

Relatable for you

We want people to see and hear themselves in our product. We understand that the challenges we face are rooted in our unique realities, and those realities should be reflected in our product. Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels seen and heard. By including diverse perspectives we can create a product that resonates .

Born out of a shared experience

Mendu is a startup founded by BIPOC, LGBTQ and socioeconomically diverse humans

So, you know how sometimes therapists just don't get you? That's what happened to Demi and Regina. They were both seeing therapists who couldn't relate to their cultural backgrounds, and programs designed for underrepresented groups had insane wait times. On top of that, the regular stuff out there just didn't cut it for their unique needs.

As they chatted about their experiences, Demi and Regina realized that everyone's problems are different, and they should get tools and exercises tailored to their individual backgrounds. Demi's from the Caribbean and identifies as LGBTQ+, while Regina has Chinese heritage. They come from different worlds, with different values and triggers, so it made sense that their challenges were one-of-a-kind.

They wanted information, tools, and exercises that spoke to their diverse experiences. That's when they met Birgit and Leo, who were also looking for intersectional content. And boom! Mendu was born.

Meet the Mendu team

Regina Zheng

Co-Founder &

Demetria Fortson

Co-Founder &

Leonardt Liu

Chief Data Scientist
AI / Data Science & NLP Specialist

Bruno Temporim Carneiro

Product Design
Mental Health Expert

Mmiri Mbah

Chief Legal Officer

Lilian Kendi Arandu

Digital Media Manager
Psychology B.Sc.

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