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Get clinically (and community) tested tools for womxn of color.

Small Chats for Big Feels

Meet Mendü: a conmpanion to talk though problems with,  right now.
Learn how to de-stress, problem-solve, sleep better, relieve anxiety, gain more confidence and feel more balanced.


What’s on your mind? Our library of inclusive journaling prompts has something for you.


Listen to expert research on topics and let us guide you though your feelings.


Record your responses for easy journaling on the go. Let us do the writing for you.

For any moment to lift your mood
Sustaining the activist

Taking care of yourself while changing the world.

Lifting self image

Improving your relationship with your hair, body, race & culture.

Managing mood

Manage days of feeling sad & anxious.

Sparking everyday joy

Small steps to make every day filled with more focus, joy & gratitude.

Heal wounds & frustrations

Heal the wounds that are holding you back & bring out your resilience.

Finding restful sleep

Let go of the day so you can have a good night’s sleep.

“Decompress from difficult situations as opposed to just settle for feeling less

“Audio prompts for journaling to help women of color thrive.”

Learn From Our Founders:
A Therapist and a Neuroscientist

Why Mendü?:

We wanted to bring all of our knowledge about our brain and behavioral health to our communities in an accessible way.

What makes us different?:

The tools that are available do not take into consideration diverse female centered experience. What we deal with as diverse individuals needs to be taken into consideration for wholistic mental health care.

Our journaling prompts were made by diverse women for others facing similar life events. We are transforming the way therapeutic journaling and meditation is done by providing relevant and inclusive audio pieces you can connect with.